Journey back to Addis: poles apart from the word ‘nice’

I wandered to the bus station at 4.30am in the dark and found my bus. It’s amazing how busy it can be at that time! Every bus leaves at the same time which is hugely sensible as there’s only one small exit gate to leave the bus depot but hey?!!! Queues.

The journey turned out to be a 12 hour one instead of about 8. Ow. It was a grim grim journey! I was squeezed on to a seat next to mum and baby (which she insisted kicked me all the way) and dad. A bit into the journey the baby was sick on my feet, mum was being sick in to a bag, you can’t open the window without being scowled at or people shutting it because it’s unhealthy!!!! I had my window open a crack and my mouth up against the crack sucking in my small allowance of fresh air. The air wasn’t very tasty inside that’s for sure! I have never been so pleased when we arrived in Addis.

Well, I’ve definitely developed a big love for Ethiopia. It’s a totally unique, stunning and fascinating country and I admire the genuine and warm nature of its people. Can’t wait to go back to try and put this all into action. Mission on.