Big Beyond Kenya Volunteer Projects

As a Big Beyond volunteer in Kenya, you will either be based in the medical and community development projects surrounding Limuru in central Kenya or you will be stationed at the volunteer base for our conservation and research project in the wild Kenyan Mara Naboisho Conservancy near the Maasai Mara national reserve. Each project gives volunteers a unique experience to make a difference in the area in which they are passionate.

Naboisho Conservancy

As a Big Beyond volunteer on our conservation and research project you will be based in the Naboisho Conservancy which is a wild open space with diverse wildlife. You will collect data for researchers and the conservancy on animal density, movements and activity, most notably big cat and elephant monitoring but also wildlife counts and hands-on conservancy maintenance. Your accommodation will be in basic but comfortable dormitories or tents at Koiyaki Guiding School and you’ll have all meals provided. You will also work alongside the community on different conservation activities such as conservation education, working with guides and studies on indigenous species to the conservancy.


A high altitude destination, Limuru stands at 2500m above sea level and the climate is warm and temperate, with significant rainfall all year round. The area is surrounded by lush tea farms and is a great base to explore Kenya from. We have two Big Beyond projects in Limuru, namely our education and community empowerment project and out qualified medical project, where qualified or studying medical professionals will have the opportunity to assist in under-resourced public hospitals on our health project.

Choose from one of the following projects:

Maasai Mara Wildlife Research and Conservation

The Big Beyond Maasai Mara Wildlife and Conservation project is based in the wilderness of the Naboisho conservancy adjacent to the Masai Mara National Reserve. The Naboisho conservancy was developed with the goal of protecting the wildlife while ensuring that local Maasai benefit from tourism and see the value of the animals. Volunteers help the conservancy by collecting research data for the conservancy and research projects in Naboisho and also through hands-on work repairing roads, building erosion fences and removing litter. Volunteers are based beside the Koiyaki Guiding School which is aimed at giving local Maasai the skills to work as guides in the tourism industry. As a volunteer you will also help students with intercultural learning and experience interacting with people from different countries.

Medical and Healthcare Project

Hospitals and health centers in Kenya are seriously understaffed, lacking in resources and welcome assistance from studying or qualified health care volunteers. Volunteers will help to support under-resourced public health clinics and also carry out cross-learning workshops with medical staff in the clinics. Big beyond medical volunteers will also have the opportunity to participate in our home based care project providing support to an elderly home near Limuru and support community volunteers in their afterschool projects.