A little knowledge goes a long way

“This is a community wanting to improve their lives and very willing and eager for our help. In a short time one volunteer can obviously do a limited amount but if you keep building on the previous work then hopefully much can be accomplished. Their needs are great and even small steps can make a difference”.(Sheri – Big Beyond volunteer Jan-Feb 2012) 

Absorbed in an ancient Ethiopian tribe

Full of amazing experiences and positive Big Beyond Ethiopia developments during the recent venture back to the South Omo with the Hamer tribe. Blew me away just as much as the last time. It’s all progressing well and we’re so eager to get started! Just continuing to climb a few hills of bureaucracy first – nearly there : ) Going to share a few pics from the trip and some snapshot experiences here for now.

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Initiation of Big Beyond Uganda (and xmas day)…

Sarah and Jenn were actually a bit quiet (for them) half way through the journey to our volunteer site in Uganda which made me a bit concerned. It was their first time visiting here. “What was up?!” But they were totally blown away by the stunning journey to the Big Beyond Uganda site. Relief. It is a very amazing drive through hundreds of green hills and valleys, past lakes, little villages and excited kids and then to sweeping views of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

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Malawi beach office, new community partnerships…

… making the volunteer house cosier, exploring the wilderness of Liwonde and Xmas spirited journeys towards next stop Uganda!

Ok whoops bit of a big delay for the blog updates. Just emerging from a seriously busy but exciting time with Big Beyond developments out in Africa and, a little challenged without modern communication and normal power luxuries for a while – I may have given up on the blog for a bit! But a few notes and pics to share of the recent trip coming up …

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