Our Story

Big Beyond is defined by our passion for discovering opportunities that can be experienced around the world

Amy and Sam with Hamar group“Over the last few years I’ve been exploring some of Southern and East Africa’s most remote places in jam-packed rickety buses, pick-ups, cement trucks, boats, dug-out canoes, by foot and on motorbikes organising hundreds of meetings with diverse and disadvantaged communities, local grassroots organisations, governments, national parks and international volunteers in the field.

I’ve found places in real need of support, where international volunteer programmes will offer genuine opportunities to contribute to the sustainable conservation and development of some of the earth’s most fragile, but beautiful and inspiring places. My ambition is to connect people and nature in underprivileged corners of the globe, and to inspire individuals to make a difference, to do something amazing, to experience what’s beyond. And so Big Beyond was born.”

Amy Scarth, Founder


Beyond boundaries

We love the natural world and people. Thinking beyond the needs of today’s generations to allow our natural world a real future is one of Big Beyond’s key objectives. Protected areas such as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park are saving some of the world’s most endangered species.

Beyond handouts

We love directly investing human resource into communities. Big Beyond works right at the grassroots, hand-in-hand with individuals and groups in remote villages, empowering communities towards sustainable development.

 Beyond beaten paths

We love discovering inspiring destinations that blow people away. Big Beyond volunteer sites are located in some of the world’s most fragile yet beautiful places, which provide adventurous souls incredible and unique travel and volunteer experiences.

Beyond expectations

We love extraordinary experiences. Big Beyond believe international volunteer programmes should always be productive for both the local community as well as for the volunteers themselves. It’s our passion to find that balance.

Beyond volunteering

Our mission is to facilitate, with integrity, the world’s best international volunteer programmes for ambitious and adventurous individuals seeking experiences far beyond the norm, open to personal or professional growth, unique travel experiences and the opportunity to genuinely be part of sustainable conservation and development efforts in Africa.