Under the Malawian mango tree

Spent the last couple of weeks under many different mango trees, having many many many community meetings. Ouch, we’re pretty exhausted over here right now, but it’s all good! Big Beyond Malawi has definitely taken a great leap forward and we’re really excited having formed new partnerships with two lovely yet genuinely underprivileged communities on the borders of Liwonde National Park. One of them has a female chief actually which is generally unheard of here : ) She’s quite a character. And an upshot on top of our excellent new partnerships and mango tree meeting rooms, is there’s a lot of opportunities on the horizon with mangos! 

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Experience strengthens local Business Clinic in Uganda

“We don’t really know how to sum it all up but it was an amazing experience and one that we can’t really articulate to others apart from saying – ‘go try it and see for yourself because then you’ll understand’. Our only hope is that the people we came into contact with gained at least half as much from our meeting as we did. If they did then we can say “mission accomplished” and thank you Big Beyond.” (Pete & Jenny June 2012)

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